【LIVE-Streaming】Ichika Nito「IN THE MIRROR」

First performance of the supreme music group led by genius guitarist Ichika Nito


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ONLINE Viewing Ticket
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Ichika Nito「IN THE MIRROR」
2023年 01月 29日 (日) 〜 02月 12日 (日)
開場 13:30 / 開演 14:00
Ichika Nito「IN THE MIRROR」


Sale period: General sale
2023/01/15 (Sun) 18:00 〜 2023/02/12 (Sun) 21:00
Sale period: General sale
Ichika Nito (Guitar) / Haruo Niyama (Ballet) /
Ryota Kikuchi (Piano) / Ayumi Miyamoto (Harp) / Jill (Violin) /
Kihito Sanomi (Percussion) / kent watari (Arrangement, Produce)
Archive distribution period
Archive distribution: After the performance ends-2023/02/12 (Sun) 23:59
*You can watch it as many times as you like during the archive distribution period.
Archive distribution period
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